About ExamFight


ExamFight is an online exam portal that aims to help students prepare for their exams by positioning each exam as an “exam battle”, so that the students can complete and ace the exams, therefore winning the battle.

Each exam battle won will contribute towards a series of achievements and awards. The student will also be able to compare his or her performance with the rest of the “fighters” via an exam leaderboard.

Why ExamFight and why Gamification?  

Gamification as a business practice has exploded over the past few years. Organizations are applying it in areas such as marketing, human resources, productivity enhancement, sustainability, training, health and wellness, innovation, and customer engagement. Game thinking means more than just dropping in badges and leaderboards; it requires a thoughtful understanding of motivation and design techniques. We feel that by injecting a sense of fun, achievement and a social context of competing with other players, one can learn faster, and in this case, help you improve on your knowledge of the exam questions.

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