CMFAS Tips & Tricks

There are many many CMFAS papers. Don’t waste money doing all. Just do those that requires you to get certified for certain positions you intend to pursue. Like brokers/remisers need certain CMFAS papers. Insurance agent needs another set of CMFAS papers..

The exam questions are all MCQ questions, ranging from 50 to 125 questions per paper. As this is an Electronic exam, once time is up, you will know your results straight away.

Generally, you can book for a test date way in advance. Once payment is made, you can collect the textbook. The fee is inclusive of book and exam.

If you fail, just pay the repeat fee, don’t have to pay for the textbook again. Repeat as many times as you like. No limit.

If you are sitting for CMFAS M6 exam, it pays to prepare way in advance. The questions can be very tricky. has a good breadth and depth of finance resources like articles and definition to help u improve your CMFAS-related knowledge before the exam. 

While you may be trying out questions at ExamFight and other sources, always use the study guide from IBF as the main basis of truth. This is because IBF makes regular adjustments to the study guide and the exam questions on a regular basis.