April 2013 Milestones

The month of April has been a busy month. From a concept, ExamFight has evolved to be an active site. We have achieved the following milestones:


  1. Obtained the domain name “Exam Fight”
  2. Decided on the website concept and template, as well as design
  3. Incorporated Learn Dash, our preferred learning management system into the portal
  4. Enabled automatic certificate generation for successful battles
  5. Built content for several exam modules / courses
  6. Worked on the cartoon illustrations for the various courses and battles.
  7. Incorporate the payment mechanism
  8. Procured a SSL certificate for added security access
  9. Put in place a membership system for active tracking
  10. Integrated the achievement via Credly

So within the period of 3 weeks, we have put the flesh into the skeleton or framework of ExamFight. This is still the beginning, hence we need all the support and feedback that we can get from you. Please write to us at examfight@outlook.com if you have any suggestions for us. We will be happy to listen to them!